Adopt A Toast


Please save the toast population.

Originally posted on Adopt A Toast:

Plenty of abandoned Toast are endangered, every day more are being eaten by the obese citizens of America. The population of Toasterria is lowering day by day. Donate £3 / $4.91 a month to save these buttery snacks from becoming endangered.  

As becoming apart of the Toast community, we will send you a welcome kit which includes a fact file about Toast, images of your Toast and also a cuddly Toast plush. 

Your Toast will send letters monthly telling you about their current status and how they are doing.

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Splatter In Zoo

Today Moshi has released Splatter the Abstract Artiste in the zoo. He’s in the Arties Set, #129 and Uncommon. 150px-Splatter_HQ


“Is it art or an utter shambles? Who cares because every Abstract Artiste’s ambition is to win the coveted Blurgh-ner Prize For Bafflingly Bonkers Art. That’s why these crazy Moshlings spend all day flicking gluey glitter at passers-by and pickling slices of Oobla Doobla in huge tanks of fluorescent jelly. Magnifique!”

Splatter Likes emptying bins over unmade beds and finger painting and he Dislikes anything in the Googenhime and art critics.

To find Splatter, go to Beret Boulevard and you’re sure to find a few Abstract Artistes arguing about the merits of nose painting with marmalade.

As of now Splatter has no combo, as soon as it’s out i’ll tell you.

Hot Wings The Ragamuffin Puffin

Hot Wings the Ragamuffin has been recently been added to the Moshling Zoo, so heres some info about her.

Hot Wings is a Ragamuffin Puffin in the Musos set. She is #132 and UncommonHW_3


Easy now, Ragamuffin Puffins never get in a flap. That’s not because they’re super chilled out, it’s because these upbeat Moshlings are usually too busy squawking cheerful songs and performing their signature Rub-A-Dub dance moves to think about going anywhere.

Hot Wings Likes Rice and Peas and Dislikes Hustle and Hard Rock.

To find Hot Wings, Stroll along Dropbeat Drive and you might spot a few Ragamuffin Puffins jammin’ to the riddim of DJ Quack’s root remix.

Combo: Black Dragon Fruit, Any Moon Orchid, Any Moon Orchid.

Nutmeg Info

Nutmeg is a Woodland Walnut. He is in the Nutties set and number 146.


Nutmeg the Woodland Walnut is staunch, passionate and caring. Serious nature nuts, these eco-friendly Moshlings are always trying to protect the Moshi environment from interfering monsters. When they are not hugging trees or whistling folk music to endangered naffodils, Woodland Walnuts enjoy shining their leafy ears with organic dewdrops.